Brands Award

Sky Creation takes proactive steps to grow brand reach both locally and internationally. As the recipient of multiple branding awards, we know that our efforts have not gone unnoticed. An award that best attests to our branding efforts, and one which brings us immense pride in receiving, is the Singapore Prestige Brand Award.

Professional Accreditation

Our work receives industry-wide recognition. Within the industry, Sky Creation is the first to be accredited Singapore Quality Class (SQC), and among the pioneering few to earn ISO and OHSAS certifications for compliance to stringent regulatory codes. We are also the first among our peers to receive BCA Green Mark, Singapore Green Label and BizSafe Star certifications.

Industry Governance Accreditation

Sky Creation Asia displays strong governance at every tier of the organisation. As such, we have been earmarked for numerous government-level accreditations.

Entrepreneur & Enterprise Awards

Sky Creation’s stellar performance showcases Dr Sky Tan’s astute entreprenuerial spirit and foresight. As the CEO of Sky Creation Asia, Dr Sky Tan is responsible for executing shrewd decisions and pioneering many firsts. He brings fresh perspective to the work that the organisation undertakes, consistently reaching for new heights. All these has helped Dr Sky Tan earn accolades such as Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Spirit of Enterprise Award.

Green Award

Sky Creation is Singapore’s first interior design firm to practice sustainable interior design. The many green initiatives undertaken, including sponsoring awards for regional green competitions, raises Sky Creation’s profile as an Eco-friendly organisation.