Sky Creation is a space solutions consultancy firm that offers full-service interior design services and products. Since its inception in Singapore in 2008, Sky Creation has grown exponentially in terms of depth and breadth to encompass not only renovation services, but services of complementary markets such as construction, furniture fabrication, and custom-built modular kitchen, wardrobe and office systems.

Merely a year into business, Sky Creation was in the limelight for receiving numerous industry-level awards and accolades. The affirmations were a testament of our work, and provided the much-needed boost for us to set up two more branches in Singapore.

One of the earlier milestones came about when Sky Creation built its own carpentry factory in Johor Bahru. It was a strategic decision – one which allowed us to better control woodwork quality. Subsequently, Sky Creation Asia was set up as a holding company for its subsidiaries – one of which being Sky Creation as the interior design & Renovation arm of the organisation.

Under Sky Creation Asia, we debuted South East Asia’s first interior design-themed café and a design academy as an incubator for fresh broods of budding designers. For these designers, as well as new homeowners and space planners, the design academy serves as a one-of-a-kind hub that provides a wealth of information on buillding materials, renovation processes, furniture collections, and even smart home systems.

This significantly elevated Sky Creation’s position in the industry, allowing it to stand out from competition. In the same year, Sky Creation took the first step towards globalisation by penetrating regional markets.

Today, the organisation keeps abreast with the digital age by taking its products online. Through these efforts, we aspire to become an all-encompassing, multi-disciplinary international organisation that delivers quality solutions at reasonable costs.