To be Asia’s leading space solution provider and to create our environment to a better living space for the children of tomorrow.


Constant growth, not just in quantitative size, design capacity, quality works and market value of the organization, but also in the professional knowledge, positive mentality, values of life and social responsibility in the people.

Core Value

Creativity, Motivation, Integrity, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Responsibility, Positive, Team Work

Brand Promise

  • To stay united and strive for excellence
  • To continually set new standards and seek new improvements
  • To be honest and sincere in our endeavours
  • To demonstrate integrity and deriver dent customer-centric service at all times
  • To seek innovation and breakthroughs in our work

Quality Policy

Quality is the foundation of our brand. At Sky Creation, we are dedicated to fusing creative flair with versed craftsmanship to meet growing expectations. This is also our source of inspiration as we work towards raising quality standards. A business direction that anchors every aspect of the organisation, client satisfaction is achieved in the following areas:

  • Customer oriented services
  • Creative designs
  • Use of quality materials
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent workmanship

Environment, health and safety (EHS) is a discipline which we place strong emphasis on. It underlies our decision to abide by industry best practices in the course of our work. Our conviction towards upholding this discipline is reflected in the following activities:

  • Compliance with all relevant environment, health and safety regulations
  • Adopting safe work practices to prevent injuries
  • Proper disposal of waste to mitigate environmental pollution
  • Building a clean and healthy workplace through the use of green products wherever possible

Attention is also placed on continually accessing and improving the effectiveness of our QSHE management system.