About Us

Sky Creation is an award-winning renovation firm that has garnered the most awards in the industry over the years. It is a professional-accredited renovation firm that has attained many industry certifications for quality and industry best practices. These attest to the firm’s reputation and credibility.

We are all about transforming your vision into a unique space. Our design team accumulates collective knowledge of market trends and years of experiences to cull together inspiring designs that are much sought after.

Our approach towards crafting enviable interiors attests to conscientious design planning and skilled craftsmanship, in which every detail is a careful calibration of design sensitivity and sheer practicality.

We first begin our design process by taking our clients through considerations carefully attuned to suit a desired lifestyle or commercial intent. This is when we gather and refine ideas to form the desired design direction and concept, and beginning an on-going dialogue with our clients to bring clarity to their vision. We also work on budgets and schedules as we push for the best outcome.

The same attention that goes into designing a space is applied to the renovation process, during which demolitions and installations are carried out professionally and methodologically. As our designs take shape, we keep our clients up to date on project status so that concerns can be addressed promptly and professionally.

From beginning to end, we work closely with our clients to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas. The result is interiors that speak the client’s language.