Dr. Sky Tan’s Transformative Leadership as RCMA Presidency Period

  • Sky Creation Asia Founder 恺天亚洲创办人
  • Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association (RCMA) Presidential Advisor 新加坡装修与材料商联会会长顾问
  • Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association (RCMA) Immediate Past President (2018 – 2022) 新加坡装修与材料商联会前会长(2018-2022)
  • Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association (RCMA) Certified Renovation Practitioner (000A1)新加坡装修与材料商联会认证装修从业员 (000A1)
  • Singapore Interior Designer Accreditation Council (SIDAC) Council Member 新加坡室内设计认证理事会理事
  • Society Of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS) Accredited Interior Designer Practitioner – Class 1 (ID1) 新加坡室内设计协会认证室内设计从业员 (ID1)
  • Deep Cultivate in South East Asia & China Renovation Industry with More than 20 Years Experiences 深耕东南亚和中国装修市场;拥有超过20多年的经验


Dr. Sky Tan served as Vice President (2013-2018) and President (2018-2022) of the Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association (RCMA), a trade association established in 1980 for renovation businesses and building material suppliers.

During his tenure, Dr. Sky introduced a series of strategic initiatives that wwas instrumental in elevating RCMA’s position, raising industry standards, and positively impacting businesses and individual practitioners.


Key Initiatives:

1. CaseTrust-RCMA Accreditation Scheme:

One of Dr. Sky Tan’s notable achievements was the collaboration with the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) to develop and launch the CaseTrust-RCMA Accreditation Scheme. This scheme was initiated by Dr. Sky to help renovation businesses enhance their operational practices and ensure fair, transparent trading and high-quality work. Under the scheme, businesses undergo a rigorous audit process, which assesses store policies, ethical advertising, dispute resolution procedures, staff capabilities, and training. Businesses that meet the stringent criteria receive the CaseTrust-RCMA accreditation, allowing them to display the CaseTrust-RCMA logo and signify their commitment to business excellence.





2. RCMA Renovation Guidebook:

Dr. Sky Tan conceived the idea and spearheaded the creation and launch of the RCMA Renovation Guidebook, a comprehensive resource aimed at educating the general public about the association’s industry efforts and standards. This guidebook, produced in collaboration with CASE, is distributed at Housing & Development Board (HDB) branch offices initial stage, providing valuable information to homeowners and industry professionals alike.


3. Mission Trip to China:

Dr Sky Tan also initiated RCMA’s first mission trip to China in 2018, aimed at fostering the exchange of ideas and best practices between Singaporean and Chinese industry professionals. This trip facilitated valuable networking opportunities and knowledge sharing, contributing to the growth and innovation of the renovation industry in both countries.


4. RCMA Office in Trade Association Hub:

Under Dr Sky Tan’s leadership, RCMA established an office in the Trade Association Hub, a significant milestone that reinforced RCMA’s presence and influence within the renovation industry. The office’s opening ceremony was a momentous event, graced by former Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.


5. BTO My Nice Home Roadshow Collaboration with HDB:

During his Presidency period, Dr. Sky Tan led RCMA to collaborate with HDB in a series of talks and events, specifically targeting Build-To-Order (BTO) homeowners. These roadshows aimed to foster a better understanding of RCMA’s initiatives and the benefits of engaging with accredited renovation contractors, thereby enhancing public awareness and trust.


6. Collaboration with the Government During COVID-19:

During the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Sky Tan represented the renovation industry in crucial dialogues with the government. He played a key role in assisting with policies that helped industry practitioners navigate the lockdown period and ensured a smooth restart of the renovation work. Additionally, he supported the implementation of safety protocols to protect the well-being of renovation professionals and the wider community, demonstrating his commitment to public health and industry resilience.


7. Lead Programme and Establishment of RCMA Academy

Dr. Sky Tan Initiated and collaborated with ESG to run a Lead Programme during the COVID-19 period, aimed to digitally transform the industry and elevate its standards. One of the key initiatives is the establishment of the RCMA Academy, with Dr. Sky Tan serving as the first Academy Director. The academy aims to develop numerous trade courses to elevate industry professionalism and attract new talent. The academy is also on the verge of attaining Accredited Training Organization (ATO) status.


8. Certified Renovation Practitioner Course:

To further professionalise the industry, Dr. Sky Tan introduced the Certified Renovation Practitioner Course. This programme was designed to elevate the standards of renovation practitioners by providing comprehensive training on their roles, responsibilities, and relevant legal requirements. Successful completion of the course signifies a practitioner’s dedication to excellence and adherence to industry standards.



By fostering collaboration, advocating for professional development, and navigating unprecedented challenges, Dr. Sky Tan has ensured that RCMA continues to thrive and support its members effectively. His efforts have paved the way for future leaders to build on his successes and continue driving the renovation industry forward.