Tips to Children Bedroom Designs that Grow with Them

Renovating a home or even just a room can be quite a hassle. So you’ll really want to carve out a bedroom space that does not require a major overhaul as your child grows up over the years. Instead of scrimping on style to go for a conservative look that is plain and boring, you’ll need a timeless design that you can easily update as your child transits from toddlerhood to teenage years.

(Design: Sky Creation)

Choose versatile colours

Grey and white are versatile colours that blend well with most shades of pink and blue to cater to your child’s gender. They provide a calm and clean atmosphere, which is great for a child to rest, play and eventually study in. Dress the room in a fresh coat of reigning white or grey to give it an airy feel. Then add to it layers of playful details to introduce colour and character.

Take inspiration from this sanctuary that combines pristine white, subtle greys and pastel colours to create a soothing, yet effortlessly chic and stylish look. Refrain from indulging in too many colours, lest you create a space that is visually overwhelming. (Design: Sky Creation)

Add decorative touches with accessories

Accessories instantly lend interest to any bedroom design. Throw in streaks of whimsical and traces of spontaneity with designs that are both playful and creative. Think buntings or paper poms poms over the bed, throw pillows with a pop of colour, or a plush rug that lends texture to the décor. Alternatively, put together a large gallery wall with frames that display fun illustrations. What is good about using accessories to play up a bedroom design is that it can be easily replaced to create a different and more updated look. No matter the age, choose accessories that reflect your child’s personality and preferences.

Introduce geometric shapes and prints

Geometric accents like stripes and chevrons are great for adding visual interest to a child’s bedroom. These accents will appeal to a child much later as well. Use them on a feature wall, bed linen, lamp shade, or even ceiling! Stick to one pattern so that the room will not be too busy for your liking. Where possible, pick a colour that reappears elsewhere in the room to create a well-thought design and flow.

Cater for storage

Create ample storage space to hide clutter out of sight or simply keep things organised. A great space-saving way to stash toys and books away is underneath the bed. Another storage tip that will last your child for many years to come is the use of open wall-hung shelves for books and toys. They are great for small bedroom spaces as they free up floor space for your child to run about.


Exercise a little creativity when creating the perfect bedroom space for your child. More importantly, get your child involved in decorating his or her personal space in whichever way possible. The little designer in your child might just be waiting to be unleashed.