Bathroom Ideas for Your Next Renovation

No doubt the majority of us spend the least time in a bathroom, as compared to other living spaces at home, there is no reason why bathrooms cannot be dressed to impress. Whether you have a small bathroom or a colossal master bath, we have ideas that will transform your bathroom to display just about any look and feel you desire.

Mix textures to obtain the resort look and feel

Resort-styled bathrooms often incorporate a mix of materials and textures. Combine mosaic, granite, wood and stone to create a mix-and-match look, but give the composition the attention it demands to unfold harmoniously. The result is an intimate space that will appeal to the wider senses.

A resort-inspired oasis clad in comforting warm hues. Flat-panel vanity cabinets and a vessel sink atop are subtle details that lend a modish touch. In particular, the vessel sink lends a sculptural appeal to this tranquil design.   (Design: Sky Creation)

Usher in beautiful marbles

Nothing spells luxury quite like marble in an interior. If you covet the luxurious bathroom setting, fashion a spa-like retreat with marble walls and custom marble vanity tops. If you have a generous bathroom space, commission a double vanity for him and her. Combine marble finishing with rose gold fittings and fixtures for the perfect bathroom line-up. And since lighting is everything in the bathroom, complete the space with modern sconces and cove lightings that provide a nice, warm glow to take you into your inner recesses.

This master bathroom is crafted to convey luxury and elegance. Here, modern sanitary fittings mirror the unhurried style so effortlessly executed. This brings into focus the varied materials and imprints. Another beautiful addition to the bathroom, apart from the use of marble, is the chevron tile arrangement to divide the bathing area. With this bathroom, you’ll feel like you are returning home to your own presidential suite every day.  (Design: Sky Creation)

Add a vintage touch

Inject patterns and styles that give a bathroom much-needed character. Instead of going for plain tiles, opt for colourful ones that exhibit vintage nuances. Use them on the walls, floor or even tile the walls of the bathtub to accent an otherwise unassuming palette. Another easy way to add vintage demeanor to a bathroom is introducing a crystal chandelier, old-fashioned taps and mirrors with ornate silhouettes. If your bathroom has room for a bathtub, considering having a claw-foot bathroom to achieve the dated European look. Top the look with brass fittings if you fancy. These ideas will instantly add to the charm of even the smallest bathroom.

A row of Moroccan-inspired wall tiles is a beautiful touch to a clean palette. The bright colours lift the monotony of a duotone palette. Step up this look by adding moldings to the vanity counter.  (Design: Sky Creation)

Evoke artistic interest

If you have an affinity for monochromatic interiors, considering going for a striking black and white theme. Play up this style to create a bathroom that stands out from other run-of-the-mill black-and-white themed bathrooms. Since the convergence of black and white lends graphical interest, consider conjuring a gallery-like bathroom that bears a minimalistic design. With some thought, you can even create British colonial impression in your bathroom. There is simply no limit to creativity!

A gallery-like bathroom that makes a strong statement even though it appears bare.  (Design: Sky Creation)
Bold black and white stripes offer reminisce of British colonial style blinds. This design is carried out midway, before succumbing to black to anchor the overall play of polarity. This evocative British colonial look is completed with the patterned floor tiling and quaint décor. (Design: Sky Creation)