Born from a vision to elevate the standards of interior design to a new level, Sky Creation is a brand name that is synonymous to the heights in innovative designs and quality. Spearheaded by its CEO Mr. Sky Tan, who has garnered more than a decade of collective experience within this niche field, Sky Creation is at the forefront of interior design consultancy services and renovations in Singapore….


Sky Creation + Design Consultancy is our Interior Design Consultancy arm. Specialising in all sorts of interior design from Residential to Commercial Projects. We offer a comprehensive and transparent service unparalled by others. [Visit site]


A one stop location that deals with the trading and online purchases of lightings to sanitary items. You simply click and buy the fittings, cutting out all the middle man charges. [Visit Site]


Toolbox functions as the business’ renovation arm. It is a one-stop service provider for all renovations or alterations in a residential or commercial space. The crew behind Toolbox promises prompt and competitive service, for a professional and hassle-free delivery.



Offering a one-stop architectural and construction solutions, Lespace with its fleet of designers and architects is a growing full service architectural firm dedicated to the concept that architecture is a socially responsible and environmentally respectful pursuit. We are committed to making buildings of understated dignity, expressed through the play of light upon the natural beauty of materials. We believe that buildings are best when they express their purpose and interact sympathetically with their surroundings.


Icon is capable of contributing to the design of retail and commercial spaces in more than one way. From architecture and design, fit-out and refurbishment, space planning and project management, the team of professionals at Icon can help breathe a new lease of life into any old retail space, or make something out of nothing in a commercial space. Whether one is selling a product or service, Icon’s design would take into account the type of product or service rendered, to assist in selling the brand image of the business and complement the work carried out in the space.


Craftsman is an established carpentry workshop with a 20,000 square feet facility. We cater to all sorts of customized and designer furniture. Our company brings many years of building experience and we insure successful projects by working closely with our clients  and a carefully chosen group of subcontractors and suppliers. We welcome and encourage client participation at every step along the way.


Recognized for its area of expertise in kitchen designs, Sky Creation established Himmel Küche an exclusive brand especially carved out to bring quality, yet affordable designs to modern kitchens in homes. Inspired to engage European-styled melamine panel into its intrinsic design, Himmel Küche demonstrates a kitchen space that is not only aesthetically pleasing to the wider senses, but also highly functional. [Visit site]


Moduls focuses on providing workplace solutions to allow our customers to get the most out of their office space. We provide an array of modulus office furniture, in a wide assortment of colours, to help conjure an environment that is most encouraging for growing work productivity and fostering people-space relationship.